The assume breach approach in cybersecurity

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Learn about Red-team exercise & continuous monitoring


In our first article, we briefly discussed the following 7 modern cyber attacks:

  • Ransomware
  • WannaCry
  • NotPetya
  • SimpleLocker
  • TeslaCrypt
  • CryptoLocker
  • PC Cyborg

In our second article, we moved on explaining what a Distributed Denial-of-Service is and in what ways a Distributed Denial of Service attack are more detrimental than traditional Denial of Service.
In our third article, we continued our cybersecurity journey by discussing what are advanced persistence threats and how they work.
In our forth article, we learned about what Zero-Trust Approach is and how it is used in cybersecurity.

In this article, we discuss how an Assume Breach Approach works in cybersecurity.


If you are new to the field of cybersecurity, taking our Inro to Cybersecurity (free self-paced) course is highly recommended. Also, if you are already familiar with cybersecurity, taking our Intro to Blockchain Cybersecurity course is highly recommended.

The assume breach approach

Even with growing cyberattack prevention systems, including antivirus, next-generation antivirus, firewall, and next-generation firewall, advanced threats still manage to bypass the security system. None of the security prevention technologies can guarantee complete protection against such threats. In the past few years, organizations have adopted a new approach called assume breach, which is a way of testing their incident response force.

The assume breach mindset allows organizations to be open to various security solutions and services, as follows:

  • Red-team exercise: Red-team exercise is the enhanced version of penetrationtesting where the exercise is performed by a team of highly professional security experts, not just to find vulnerabilities, but to also test the detection and incident response capabilities of the organization. This helps the organization's senior management use tactical recommendations for immediate improvement and strategic recommendations for long-term security posture improvement.
  • Continuous monitoring: An uninterrupted and always active security monitoring system provides real-time visibility of users and their endpoints in the enterprise network. This helps us identify threats at the pre-infection stage and builds a better incident response process to achieve smarter cyber hygiene and compliance. Most organizations tend to outsource this service to managedsecurity service (MSS) providers who keep a track of the network, application,and user activities through commonly used tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

This article is written in collaboration with Rajneesh Gupta.

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