Introduction to Linux and Shell programming

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Introduction to Linux and Shell programming

Course Code: hsts-c19

Course Info

Linux is everywhere. It appears on a wide variety of hardware in many distinct architectures, from mainframes to servers to desktops to mobile.
In this course, we discuss the basics of working with the Linux command line using the Bash shell, various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux system administrators, practical Linux commands with examples. That helps you navigate through the file and folder structure, edit text, file testing, input parameter, pipelines, process substitution, and set permissions and also learn some of the standard command-line tools.
After you complete this course, you will understand the advanced concepts of the Linux operating system from both a graphical and command-line perspective, and various utilities allowing you to navigate through any of the major Linux distributions, and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner.
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  • The desire to learn Linux
  • Any Linux distribution installed on your computer (even on a virtual machine)
  • A basic understanding of various computer concepts will also be great.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone with a desire to learn about Linux.
  • People that have Linux experience, but would like to learn about the Linux command-line interface.
  • Any existing Linux user that wants to use the Linux command-line efficiently.
  • Aspiring Linux system administrators.
  • Anyone interested in taking Linux certification exams and become a professional Linux developer

Learning Path
After finishing this course, you can take the following classes:

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