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Build dynamic websites with Joomla

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About Course

This self-paced hands-on class designed to give web designers or anyone who would like to learn the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to implement and maintain a Joomla web site without having to know programming code. Students learn how to install and configure Joomla.. At the end of the course, students will have a fully functional Joomla based website. The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that provide practical real-world experience.

Learning Objectives

In this self-paced course, you will learn:

– Mastering the fundamentals by creating a website in an hour

– Adapting and expanding the site. You’ll set up a site structure and learn how to add different types of pages.

– Extend Joomla’s capabilities and add special features such as a picture or video gallery to your site.

– Change the site layout and make it more attractive by using Templates.

– Joomla Content Management

– Joomla Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Keeping the site secure

Topics and Subtopics

The below outline is covered in this course:

1. Introduction: A New and Easy Way to Build Websites

Learn why you want to use Joomla to create an advanced, cool-looking site that’s easy to expand, customize, and maintain.

2. Installation: Getting Joomla Up and Running

Learn how to install Joomla on your own computer or on a web server, and how to create a sample site.

3. Web Building Basics: Creating a Site in an Hour

Here, you’ll face a real-life challenge of using Joomla to build a basic but expandable website fast. You’ll customize Joomla’s default sample site to fit your needs, adding content, menu links, and change the site’s look and feel.

4. Small Sites, Big Sites: Organizing your Content Effectively

Make it easy to add and find information on your site by designing a clear, expandable, and manageable structure for your content.

5. Creating Killer Content

Create content pages that are attractive and easy to read, and you’ll learn about different ways to add images and to tweak the page layout.

6. Helping Your Visitors Find What They Want: Managing Menus

Help the visitor to find what they want easily by designing clear and easy navigation through menus.

7. Opening Up the Site: Enabling Users to Log In and Contribute

Shows how to enable users to log in and allow them to create content and manage the website.

8. Getting the Most our of Your Site: Extending Joomla

Teaches you on how to extend Joomla’s capabilities using all sorts of extensions-using an image gallery to attractively display pictures, automatically showing article teasers on the home page, or enhancing your workspace by installing an easier content editor.

9. Creating an Attractive Design: Working with Templates

Explains how templates will give your site a fresh look and feel, and make it easy to create an individual look, different from a “typical” Joomla site. You’ll also learn to install and customize templates.

10. Attracting Search Engine Traffic: SEO Tips and Techniques

Will show how to increase your site’s visibility for search engines by applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, such as creating friendly URL’s.

11. Keeping the Site Secure

Will show you simple, common-sense steps you can take to keep your site safe from hackers or data loss.

12. Project- Build a Non-profit Site Step-by-Step 



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