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About Course

C++ is the extension of C language. The C language was evolved from B language by “Dennis Ritchie” at Bell Lab in 1972 to create early version of UNIX operating system. C language is the subset of C++. Every single command of C language is executable in C++ but the reverse is not possible. C is a structured programming language but C++ is the Object Oriented Programming language.

This hands-on self-paced course consists of 30+ programming examples of Object Oriented Programming C++. Starting from simple program and ending with more advance topics. This introductory course covers almost all the features of C++ that are essential for a beginner C++ programmer. The objective of this course is to teach the students how to program in C++ in an easy way.

While students can not write a program in the beginning, through slow, yet measurable steps we will help the students to create programming skills in C++. In the first step students try to run these programs while watching videos and later on try to solve it by their own method. However, there are several methods to solve a problem. While learning concepts and practicing C++ programming, keep in mind that in all programs covered in this course, there are lots of rooms for code optimization, so you are welcomed to optimize the code of these programs on your own.

Learning Objectives

In this self-paced course, you will master the fundamental of C++ programming through 30+ hands-on programs, exercises and projects. You will learn the following:

  • How to set up and install C++ on your machine
  • What is “main” function and how to use it
  • How to work with variables, data types, and more
  • How to run decisions like if, if else, and nested if in C++
  • How to use switch-case in C++ for multiple decisions
  • How to run for or while loops in C++
  • How arithmetic operators work in C++
  • How to program a nested loop in C++
  • What are structures and how to use them in C++

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the course outline:

1. C++ & OOP Overview

  • Development and properties of C++
  • Characteristics of C++
  • Translating a C++ program
  • Sample program 1
  • A C++ program with several functions

2. C++ Fundamental Types, Names, Variables and Keywords

  • Integers
  • Sample program 1
  • Floating-point type
  • Arithmetic type
  • Sample program 2
  • Constants in C++
  • Escape sequences
  • Sample program 3
  • Names
  • Variables- sample program 4
  • Sample program 5 for keywords const and volatile

3. C++ Arithmetic Operations and More

  • Program # 1: Simple Program
  • Program # 2: Swap the Numbers
  • Program # 3: Arithmetic Operation Sum
  • Program # 4: Temperature Conversion to Centigrade
  • Program # 5: Reverse Number

4. If, else if & nested if with Examples

  • Program # 1: Given number is Odd or Even
  • Program # 2: Greater number from given Numbers
  • Program # 3: Find out the Grade
  • Program # 4: Find out the smaller Number

5. Switch-Case in C++

  • Program # 1: Vowel Character
  • Program # 2: Arithmetic Operations

6. for, while, do while and nested loop examples

  • Program # 1 (for loop) : Day of Date
  • Program # 2 (while loop): Colorful Text
  • Program # 3 (do while loop): Prime Number
  • Program # 4 (Nested Loop): Factors

7. Structures in C++

  • Program # 1: Area

Project 1- Program to calculate the age of human by entering date of birth

Homework Exercises

  • Homework 1- Three exercises
  • Homework 2- Four exercises
  • Homework 3- Four exercises


Good knowledge of C programming

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