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Hyperledger Fabric Deployment on Cloud

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How to Choose a Right Cloud Provider for Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

When designing and building an enterprise blockchain application on Hyperledger, it is very important to choose a right cloud provider that supports all of your project requirements.

To that end, in this short webinar, we will review and discuss top 3 cloud providers (AWS, IBM and Oracle) as well as briefly explaining options available for Fabric deployment in each platform.
You can read our below book for an in-depth coverage of Fabric deployment on cloud:


Webinar Length

Lecture: 45 minutes
Q/A: 15 minutes


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About Presenter

Matt Zand is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Coding Bootcamps and High School Technology Services. He is a leading author of Hands-on Smart Contract Development with Hyperledger Fabric book by O’Reilly Media. He has 15+ years of progressive experience in all aspects of SDLC from ideation of business concepts to designing and deploying web, mobile, software and blockchain applications. He has written more than 100 technical articles and tutorials on blockchain development for Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda R3 platforms at sites such as IBM, SAP, Alibaba Cloud, Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation, and more. As chief architect, he has designed and developed blockchain courses and training programs for Coding Bootcamps and O’Reilly Media Company. He has a master’s degree in business management from the University of Maryland. Prior to blockchain development and consulting, he worked as senior web and mobile App developer and consultant, investor, business advisor for a few startup companies. You can reach Matt directly via the below links:

Webinar Topics

Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on the Cloud

  1. Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on Amazon Blockchain Services
    1. Set Up Amazon Managed Blockchain with Prerequisites
    2. Set Up the Hyperledger Fabric Network
    3. Set Up the Hyperledger Fabric Client
    4. Clone the Samples Repository
    5. Run the Hyperledger Fabric Application
  2. Using IBM Cloud for Blockchain Applications
    1. Understand the Platform Features
    2. Create an IBM Cloud Account
    3. Decide the Structure of the Blockchain Network
    4. Create and Join the Fabric Network
    5. Build the Blockchain Network
    6. Deploy the Smart Contract
    7. Create the Application
  3. Oracle Blockchain Platform Overview
  4. Oracle Blockchain Platform Use Case
    1. Explore the Use Case
    2. Engage with the Solution
    3. Experiment with Oracle Blockchain Platform
    4. Experience the Solution


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