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Advanced web development by HTML5 and CSS3

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About Course

In this course you learn how to build complex UI with HTML5 and CSS3. Expand upon your HTML5 knowledge with this advanced self-paced course. This hands-on self-paced class allows you to master the best and latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques and features for building eye-catching and interactive websites.

Learning Objectives

In this self-paced course, you will learn:

  • Introducing HTML5
  • What Is New in HTML5
  • Creating HTML5 Documents
  • Structuring HTML5 Documents
  • Building Forms in HTML5
  • HTML5 API Support
  • Associated Technologies

Topics and Subtopics

The following outline is covered in this course:

1- HTML5 Fundamentals

  • Overview of HTML5
  • Comparing HTML5 to XHTML
  • Changes to Existing Tags
  • Deprecated Elements and Attributes
  • Browser Support
  • Modernizr JavaScript Library
  • HTML5 Shiv and Polyfills

2- HTML5 Structural Elements

  • New Block-Level Semantic Elements
  • <header>
  • <footer>
  • <section>
  • <article>
  • <nav>
  • <aside>
  • <figure> and <figcaption>
  • New Text-Level Semantic Elements
  • <time>
  • <meter>
  • <details>
  • <summary>
  • <mark>
  • Creating a Document Outline

3- Audio and Video

  • Browser Support for Audio/Video Formats
  • Supplying Fallbacks
  • <audio> and <video>Elements
  • <source> Element
  • Media Element API and Events
  • Creating Your Own Control Panel
  • Effecting the Volume and Playback Rate

4- HTML5 Web Forms

  • New Form Attributes
  • autocomplete
  • novalidate
  • New Input Attributes
  • autofocus
  • form
  • New Form Elements
  • <datalist>
  • <progress>
  • New Input Elements
  • email
  • url
  • tel
  • search
  • Form Validation
  • pattern and required Attributes

5- HTML5 JavaScript APIs

  • Web Storage API
  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage
  • Geolocation API

6- HTML5 Canvas API

  • <canvas> Element
  • Comparing Canvas and SVG
  • Using the Canvas API
  • Drawing Basic and Complex Shapes
  • Setting Colors and Styles
  • Adding Text to the Canvas
  • Adding Images to the Canvas
  • Allowing the User to Draw on the Canvas
  • Saving the Canvas

7- Introduction to CSS3

  • What’s New in CSS3?
  • Benefits of Using CSS3
  • Browser Support
  • Vendor Prefixes

8- CSS3 Selectors and Pseudo-Classes

  • New Attribute Selectors
  • “Starts With” Selector
  • “Ends With” Selector
  • “Contains” Selector
  • Selecting the nth Element
  • Selecting the nth of a Type

9- CSS3 Properties

  • Using @font-face to Add Custom Fonts
  • Changing the Opacity of Text and Images
  • Creating Rounded Corners, Adding Shadows to Boxes, and Using Images as Borders
  • Creating Multiple Columns for Laying Out Text
  • Working with RGBA and HSL Color Models
  • Creating Simple Animations Using transitions, transform, and animation

10- Project- Build Advance HTML5 Website Step-By-Step


If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS, taking Intro to HTML and CSS and Intermediate to HTML and CSS classes is required.

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