Hyperledger Fabric Book Highlights

Behind every great open source technology, sits a strong community. The Hyperledger Fabric community has continuously improved the security, usability, robustness, performance and feature set — all qualities that are of critical importance to enterprise users. To date, there are no other distributed ledger technology frameworks that enjoy the breadth of adoption by Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, and Oracle.

Some of the highlights of this book are:

  1. Review of Hyperledger Fabric architecture and components
  2. Build Hyperledger Fabric and smart contracts with Node.JS and Golang
  3. Discover Hyperledger Fabric V2 features and functionalities
  4. Learn how to migrate to Hyperledger Fabric V2
  5. Deploy and integrate Hyperledger on most popular cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon managed blockchain, IBM cloud, and Oracle
  6. Develop blockchain applications with Hyperledger Aries, Avalon, Besu and Grid
  7. Build blockchain supply chain applications with Hyperledger

Book Learning Objectives

By the end of this book you will:

  • Learn about Hyperledger family, projects and ecosystem
  • Learn how to set up and deploy network on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Develop blockchain applications with Node.JS on Hyperledger platform
  • Exploit the power of Hyperledger V2 and do the migrations
  • Deploy and integrate Hyperledger on most popular cloud services Microsoft Azure, Amazon managed blockchain,IBM cloud, and Oracle
  • Learn some of the latest Hyperledger projects such as Hyperledger Aries, Avalon, Besu and Grid

And you will be able to:

  • Build blockchain supply chain applications with Hyperledger
  • Develop and deploy Decentralized Applications with Hyperldger
  • Maintain and test blockchain applications in Hyperledger

Book Link

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Book Topics

Here is a high-level review of topics covered in this book:

Part I- Introduction to blockchain
1- Fundamental Concept of Blockchain
Part II- Introduction to Hyperledger projects
2- Overview of Hyperledger Projects and Tools
3- Hyperledger Fabric Architecture and Components
Part III- Developing Smart Contracts with Hyperledger Fabric
4- Smart Contract Development
5- Smart Contract Invocation
6- Maintenance and Testing
Part IV- Blockchain Supply Chain with Hyperledger
7- Build Supply Chain DApps with Hyperledger Fabric
Part V- Hyperledger Fabric- Other Topics
8- Deploy Hyperledger Fabric on Cloud
 9- Hyperledger Fabric V2 Integration
 10- Overview of Other Hyperledger Projects