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Definitive Hands-on Training for Python Machine Learning

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Hands-on Training for Python Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used on daily basis by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Professionals. This course is a must for those who wants to take their Python skills to the next level.

This is a 16 hour live class. For next class schedule, contact us directly.

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the course outline:

1. What is machine learning

2. Why machine learning

3. Types of machine learning

  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Reinforcement

4. Gradient descent:

  • Batch
  • Stochastic

5. Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Support Vector Machine
  • KNN
  • Principal Component Analysis

6. Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

  • K-means Clustering

7. Overfitting and underfitting

8. Regularization

9. Bias and variance

10. Learning Curves


Introduction to Python programming language.

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Student Testimonials

Here are what students say about Usama and this course:

“Usama is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. As I’m just starting out, I’ve got a lot of questions and he’s able to explain concepts in a way that makes them memorable. Since beginning lessons, I’ve been making progress much faster and feel more confident completing assignments. I highly recommend Usama.” Nathalie Jones from Australia

“Just had a really great session with Usama. I plan to work with him again and recommend him to my classmates. He communicates really well, and was kind enough to adjust his schedule to meet mine. I look forward to working with him again.” Glenn from USA

What Is Next

After you submit your intake form and register the course, we will put you in an upcoming class based on your availability. Once we confirm your class schedule, we will email you your final class schedule.

IMPORTANT: To make the most of your training, it is highly recommended to add your class schedule to your personal calendar and attend all class sessions. We do NOT offer make-up sessions if you miss a session.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn new things
  • Revamp your career
  • Target IT jobs
  • Sharpen your skills
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