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Intermediate JavaScript and jQuery training with JSON and Ajax

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About Course

In this JavaScript & jQuery with JSON & Ajax training class, students learn ways to improve their web pages and make functionality more efficient. During this hands-on, self-paced training class, students will expand on their JavaScript and jQuery knowledge and learn how to use the features of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you learn the following:

  • The “Query” in jQuery
  • Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events
  • Animations and Effects
  • Improving Your Images
  • Improving Navigation
  • Expanding Your Interface with jQuery and jQuery UI
  • JSON and Ajax Client Side Applications

Topics and Subtopics

In this course, we cover the following topics and subtopics:

Quick JavaScript Programming Refresher

1.   Lexical Structure

2.   Expressions

3.   Types

4.   Variables

5.   Functions

6.   this

7.   Arrow Functions

8.   Loops

9.   Scopes

10. Arrays

11. Template Literals


13.Strict Mode

1. Coding JavaScript Functions & Arrays

  •  Function Introduction
  •  Functions, Parameters, and Returns
  •  Calling Functions from Events
  •  Declaring Arrays
  •  Manipulating Arrays

2. Obtaining and Manipulating User Information

  •  Navigator Object
  •  Window Objects
  •  Screen Object
  •  User Information

3. JavaScript and jQuery Advanced

  •  About JavaScript Libraries
  •  Getting jQuery
  •  Adding jQuery to a Page
  •  Modifying Web Pages: An Overview
  •  Understanding the Document Object Model
  •  Selecting Page Elements: The jQuery Way
  •  Adding Content to a Page
  •  Setting and Reading Tag Attributes
  •  Reading, Setting, and Removing HTML Attributes
  •  Acting on Each Element in a Selection

4. The “Query” in jQuery

  •  Using jQuery selectors
  •  Wildcards
  •  Selecting by: Tag, Id, Class, Attribute, position

5. Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events

  •  What Are Events?
  •  Using Events the jQuery Way
  •  Introducing Events
  •  More jQuery Event Concepts
  •  Advanced Event Management

6. Animations and Effects

  •  jQuery Effects
  •  Login Slider
  •  Animations
  •  Performing an Action After an Effect Is Completed
  •  Animated Dashboard

7. Improving Your Images

  •  Swapping Images
  •  Cross Fading images
  •  Timer based animations

8. Improving Navigation

  •  Some Link Basics
  •  Opening External Links in a New Window
  •  Creating New Windows
  •  Opening Pages in a Window on the Page
  •  Basic, Animated Navigation Bar

9. Expanding Your Interface with jQuery and jQuery UI

  •  Organizing Information in Tabbed Panels
  •  Adding a Content Slider to Your Site
  •  Determining the Size and Position of Page Elements
  •  Adding Tooltips


10. JSON and AJAX Client Side Applications

  •  Calling JSON APIs
  •  Building DOM from Data and JQuery
  •  Adding Interactivity to dynamically created assets

11. Project 1: Image Swap Gallery

12. Project 2: Login Page

13. Project 3: COVID-19 Tracker


Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS as well JavaScript is required.

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