180 hour Immersive Training for Blockchain Engineering

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Blockchain Engineering Essential Bootcamp

Bootcamp Overview

Our training bootcamps are offered through High School Technology Services (HSTS)

Bootcamp Code: hsts-b4

Bootcamp Information

This hands-on intensive class provides you with essential tools and techniques to become a Blockchain engineer. Over 180 hours of instructor-led training, the emphasis is on learning methodologies, concepts, and best practices in designing a successful Blockchain program from requirement gatherings to digital ledger design, testing, and launch. This class is a MUST for every serious Blockchain engineer as it covers majority of skills and topics needed for pursuing a career as a Blockchain specialist. Lastly, training you receive from this class can be applied to any programming language like Java, C/C++ or JavaScript, etc. After successful completion of this bootcamp, students can obtain 5 certifications (Blockchain Specialist, Ethereum Developer, Hyperledger Developer, Solution Architect, and Security architect ) issued by Government Blockchain Association

The following are covered:

Program Fee: $19,000
Program Length: 180 hours

We offer flexible payment plans with multiple installments. Email us for details.

This immersive bootcamp includes 180 hours of enterprise-level IT training covering Cloud Native technologies, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure technology architecture, development and management. Specifically, it covers topics such as containers (Kubernetes & Docker), Microservices, Serverless framework,Service Mesh, DevOps (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery), Cloud Computing (OpenStack or Serverless Framework), and monitoring with Prometheus. This Bootcamp is a must for all professional system administrators as companies are moving their services to the cloud. Only basic knowledge of Linux is required to take this Bootcamp.