Hands-on Self-paced Training

Start learning coding by yourself for $290!
In many ways, self-paced training outperforms in-person or live instructor classes. Read 9 reasons why self-paced training outperforms traditional platforms to learn more.

E-learning Modules

Blockchain Engineering

This hands-on e-learning prepares you to become a blockchain engineer. Lean more…

Web Development

Learn full-stack web development and launch a new career in 1 month! Lean more…

Software Engineering

Lean Java, Python or C++ and become a software engineer in 1 month. Lean more…

Cloud Management

Manage and deploy cloud services using Cloud Native and DevOps! Lean more…

IT Communications

Essential business communication course for IT professionals! Lean more…

Advance Web Design

Learn how to design and develop complex web solutions!Lean more…



1- What happens after I register?

A For e-learning classes, upon registration you will receive a link on your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. There you will confirm your credentials.


2- Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds ?

A Of course, all of our courses are 100% guaranteed which means you can ask for a refund anytime and receive the full reimbursement of your money if the class becomes unavailable.


3- Can I have a live class at my own pace or schedule?

A Most of our live-instructor training classes come with flexible class schedule and class sizes. Contact us to discuss details.


4- Where do I go upon finishing the course ?

A Last chapter of the online training is reserved for pointing you towards the right direction after completing all the materials in the course. So you know what to do next.

Student Loan Program

In partnership with Climb Credit Company, we offer loans to our USA-based students. These loans are only applied to our self-paced training classes. Click here to learn more and apply.

List of Self-paced Classes

I- Main course bundles
  1. Web Design and Development Training Bundle
  2. Complete Blockchain Development Training
  3. System Admin- Complete Training Bundle
  4. Complete Training Bundle for Software Engineers
  5. IT Career Roadmap Explained
II- Web design classes
  1. Intro to HTML and CSS
  2. Intro to HTML 5 and CSS3
  3. Advance HTML5 and CSS3
  4. Intro to JavaScript
  5. Intermediate JavaScript and jQuery with JSON and Ajax
  6. Learn Node.JS, Express.JS and MongoDB
  7. Intro to Angular.JS Framework
  8. Intro to React.JS Framework
  9. Vue.JS Framework
  10. Learn PHP Programming
  11. Intro to PHP OOP
  12. Web Development with PHP & MySQL
  13. Web Design with WordPress
  14. WordPress Customization through Coding
  15. Intro to Joomla CMS
  16. Joomla Customization via Coding
  17. Introduction to Drupal CMS
  18. Drupal Customization with Coding
  19. Web Design with Bootstrap
  20. User Experience Best Practices
  21. Intro to Search Engine Optimization
III- System admin classes
  1. Introduction to Database Design
  2. Learn SQL Programming by Examples
  3. Introduction to No-SQL Database Design
  4. Learn Graph Database Design by Examples
  5. Introduction to Linux OS
  6. Intro to Linux Bash Scripting
  7. Advance Linux Bash Scripting
  8. Linux Management for System Admins
  9. Intro to Cybersecurity
  10. Introduction to Cloud Technology
  11. Learn How to Manage Windows Servers
IV- Software engineering classes
  1. Introduction to Python Programming
  2. Learn Python OOP by Examples
  3. Introduction to Java Programming
  4. Java Programming Intermediate Level
  5. Introduction to C Programming
  6. Learn C++ Programming by Examples
  7. Introduction to Go Programming
  8. Learn Kotlin Programming by Examples
V- Blockchain classes
  1. Intro to Blockchain Technology
  2. Blockchain Management in Hyperledger for System Admins
  3. Hyperledger Fabric and Composer for Developers
  4. Intro to Blockchain Cybersecurity
  5. Learn Solidity Programming by Examples
  6. Introduction to Ethereum Blockchain Development
  7. Learn Blockchain Dev with Corda R3
  8. Hyperledger Sawtooth for System Administrators

List of Hybrid (Self-paced + Live) Classes

  1. Linux shell and bash scripting via hybrid training
  2. Hands-on Linux programming for system administration via hybrid training
  3. Hands-on live Machine Learning course with Python
  4. Hands-on live Data Science course with Python
  5. Live and self-paced SQL coding and database management
  6. Live and self-paced blockchain development with Ethereum
  7. Live and self-paced blockchain development with Hyperledger Fabric
  8. Live and self-paced blockchain development with Corda
  9. Immersive Blockchain Bootcamp with live and self-paced courses
  10. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering Python
  11. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering Java
  12. Immersive Bootcamp for software engineering with Java and Python
  13. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering HTML5 and CSS3
  14. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering JavaScript and jQuery
  15. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering PHP OOP
  16. Hands-on live plus self-paced course for mastering PHP and MySQL
  17. MEAN Stack for Full Stack web development with AngularJS and NodeJS
  18. Web development Bootcamp with ReactJS, NodeJS, VueJS and AngularJS