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Essential practical career roadmap for IT professionals

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Essential practical career roadmap for IT professionals

In this free self-paced course, we review high-level topics, job titles and programming languages that are currently very popular in the Information Technology (IT) industry. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should take this course:

·        Are you new to the field of IT or computer science?

·        Are you overwhelmed with technical jargons?

·        Are you puzzled at what IT career best fits your credentials?

·        Do you want to know about the most popular job titles in the IT industry?

·        Do you want to develop a learning path for your coding training?

·        Do you want to align your IT training with the job market requirements?

Learning Objectives

In this course, we cover 6 most popular branches of computer science:

1.      Web design and development

2.      Software engineering

3.       Mobile App development

4.       System administration

5.       Cloud technology

6.       Blockchain technology

For each branch, we discuss topics such as job titles, job functions, programming languages, etc. By the end of this course, you have a solid foundation for laying out your learning path and pursue a high-paid career in the IT industry.

Important: IT industry is very vast and it is changing very rapidly. Thus, for sake of simplicity, we include the topics such as data science, Artificial Intelligent, and Internet of Things under software engineering. Also, covering all topics in the IT field is beyond the score of this course.

Course Outline

1- Overview of field of computer science and IT

2- Web design and development topics and jobs

3- Software engineering topics and jobs

4- Mobile App development topics and jobs

5- System administration topics and jobs

6- Cloud technology topics and jobs

7- Blockchain technology topics and jobs



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  • Learn new things
  • Revamp your career
  • Target IT jobs
  • Sharpen your skills
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