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Essential practical guide for database design

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Database design and management

The way in which computers manage data has come a long way over the last few decades. Today’s users take for granted the many benefits found in a database system. In this self-paced course you lean about history of database, types of databases, and how to model data using Entity Relationship diagrams. You also learn how to translate a logical database design into physical one.

This course comes with many hands-on examples to help beginners grasp concepts thoroughly.

Topics and Subtopics

Here is the course outline:

1- Before the Advent of Database Systems

  • File-based Approach
  • Database Approach


2- Fundamental Concepts

  • What Is a Database?
  • Database Management System


3- Characteristics and Benefits of a Database

  • Characteristics and Benefits of a Database

4- Types of Data Models

  • High-level Conceptual Data Models
  • Record-based Logical Data Models

5- Data Modeling

  • Degrees of Data Abstraction
  • Data Abstraction Layer
  • Schemas
  • Logical and Physical Data Independence

6- Classification of Database Management Systems

  • Classification Based on Data Model
  • Classification Based on User Numbers
  • Classification Based on Database Distribution
  • Distributed database system

7- The Relational Data Model

  • Fundamental Concepts in the Relational Data Model
  • Properties of a Table

   8- The Entity Relationship Data Model

  • Entity, Entity Set and Entity Type
  • Kinds of Entities
  • Attributes & Types of Attributes
  • Keys & Types of Keys
  • Nulls
  • Relationships & Types of Relationships

9- Integrity Rules and Constraints

  • Domain Integrity
  • Enterprise Constraints & Business Rules
  • Relationship Types

 10- ER Modeling

  • Relational Design and Redundancy
  • Insertion Anomaly
  • Update Anomaly
  • Deletion Anomaly
  • How to Avoid Anomalies

Project 1- University Registration Data Model Example

Project 2- Sample ERD Exercises



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