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Learn Python OOP by Examples

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Learn Python Object-Oriented Programming

In this course you learn how to do Python Object-Oriented Programming by following a hands-on project step-by-step. This self-paced course is a continuation of our previous Intro to Python course. Right after taking this self-paced course, you can take our Intro to Machine Learning and data science, data analytics and data visualizations with Python courses.

In this course, you learned how to:

  • Define a class, which is a sort of blueprint for an object
  • Instantiate an object from a class
  • Use attributes and methods to define the properties and behaviors of an object
  • Use inheritance to create child classes from a parent class
  • Reference a method on a parent class using super()
  • Check if an object inherits from another class using isinstance()


Private Tutoring Classes

To take your skills from this course to the next level, taking the our live tutoring classes for Python is highly recommended. It is also a great opportunity to discuss your questions and problems related to this course with an experienced instructor.

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